A modern and versatile fleet guarantees smooth deliveries

Our transport vehicles consist of semi-trailers and module combinations that open fully on the side. Keeping our vehicles clean is pivotal, and timely maintenance ensures that the fleet remains in good working order. We also make regular updates to our fleet, paying special attention to fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness and driver comfort when choosing new vehicles, and all of our vehicles meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

The majority of our trailers are FRC-certified, making them suitable for transporting both refrigerated and frozen goods. Some of our trailers have two separate temperature compartments, facilitating the simultaneous transport of frozen and refrigerated goods, for example. Our trailers are also equipped with temperature sensors, which help us ensure that the temperatures are continuously monitored throughout the journeys. Most of our trailers can be fully opened on the side and this allows us to transport longer and larger items, such as building materials.

Our vehicles have been equipped with computers that can be used to monitor the vehicles’ location in real-time, as well as the working time and fuel-efficient driving style of the drivers. Furthermore, the data from the vehicles’ computers provides us with information about the environmental effects of our operations